Remote Catering

The Supreme Storm Services Food Service Division
can staff your remote and institutional needs.

Ensuring quality meals at a remote job site is a challenge. Feeding hungry teams working long hours in sometimes stressful conditions or long duration events is a critical component of getting the job done. A nourished workforce works better – plain and simple!

Search & Rescue Operations

Base Camp  –  Field Operations

Defense Contractors

Military Operations,

Field Training

Not for Profit Peace Keeping/Rescue Operations

Providing remote catering services that focus on efficiency, without sacrificing quality is our mission at Supreme Storm Services Food Service Division. Utilizing a combination of company-owned local kitchens, food storage facilities, transport vehicles and dedicated mobile kitchen trailers for individual operating sites, SSS has the capability to serve hot, freshly prepared meals to crews on-location.

With your input, we can customize our operation, taking into consideration factors such as budget, geographic location, working conditions, shift schedules and dietary needs of the workforce. Our executive team and culinary professionals work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your business’ specific needs and we will exceed expectations.

Our culinary team understands the importance of nutrition for crews working long shifts. A customized balanced menu of either hot or cold meals will be developed by our culinary team prior to the start of each project and agreed to by our client. Our vast experience providing modular kitchens and dining facilities serving large numbers for extended periods – has prepared our culinary team with both the resources and know-how to handle any situation.