It’s impossible to overstate the emphasis that Supreme Storm Services places on safety. The company’s approach to safety is 100% transparent, direct and monitored closely by our Safety Directors and Management team.  The company is committed to proactive review and follow-through as key components in eliminating safety hazards before an incident occurs.

Supreme Storm Services believes that all accidents are preventable. Each day our Safety Directors are focused and committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, especially in the challenging environment of disaster response and recovery, and throughout each operating Division of Supreme Storm Services

Supreme Storm Services has developed a comprehensive, in-house safety training system that allows the company to tailor its safety training specifically to the environment in which employees and subcontractors will be working.  Our culture of safety is emphasized incorporating leadership, training, reinforcement and follow-through.

At Supreme Storm Services Safety is Priority #1!

At Supreme Storm Services, the management and safety teams are steadfast in their commitment to safety procedures and training in all phases of our Food Supply, Disaster Recovery and Food Service operations.  All supervisors are held accountable for implementing best practices and regular training of the staff.

Our employees are the key to our success. Their participation in regular safety training, both mandatory and voluntary, in collaboration with industry directives and injury prevention training is part of the Supreme Storm Services mission of excellence.

Our Health & Safety plan requirements include training all personnel on the proper use and application of PPE, sanitation concerns, housekeeping priorities, First Aid requirements, and accident/incident reporting. These types of innovative programs foster a safe working environment for our employees; while providing our clients, customers and partners with an efficient and effective workforce.

At SSS – Safety is a shared commitment and zero incidents are our goal. We expect and we support a policy of – no harm to person, property, the environment, or our reputation. Safety is embraced throughout the company. We believe a safe workplace is the only acceptable way to conduct operations among our teams and subcontractors.